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A split-pin, is a metal fastener composed of a half-circular cross section and two tines that are bent during installation. Split-pins have multiple sizes and types, each of which has its own application in different industries. Split-pin is one of the main products of the fastener industry, whose function is to keep two objects connected or to ensure that the connection of two objects does not separate from each other.

Fasteners are considered to be one of the most important factors in the survival of constructions, machinery or any other object that is composed of different pieces. In fact, when we look everywhere, we can see one of the products of the fastening industry used in the objects around us.

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The importance of the fasteners industry has been so high that over the years it has become a variety of specialties and today includes a wide range of products. The products that have various standards in terms of shape, material and application, the most important and most widely used of which are bolts and nuts, split-pins, nails and rivets. With the efforts of Iranian industrialists over the years, today more than 80% of these products are produced in the country and in large volumes, which are often qualitatively competitive with their foreign samples.

Pars Special Sales Trading Group was the first company that established an automatic production line for various types of split-pin in 1980. Today, the company produces all kinds of split-pin out of various materials such as, iron, aluminum, brass, steel and copper, with excellent quality and sends them to all over the world.

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After extensive experience over the years and providing the products needed by various manufacturers, in 2006, Pars Bolt & Split-pin began to build new Split-pin manufacturing machines with newer technology. Since Pars Company has always been pursuing the newest technology trend in the world during its forty years of continuous activity, in 2020, it started building an advanced Split-pin manufacturing machine. Using optimization techniques and microelectronic equipment, this machine is much more equipped than the previously produced machines in this company.

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